We’ve Got You Covered With Jackets From The Barron Catalogue

 by cjvanniekerk

 on 2021-08-31

Game of Thrones predicted it, and winter has come. With the cold season officially here, we have started drinking more hot chocolate, we have swapped the ice cream for warm pudding, our heaters have been taken out of storage, and our wardrobes have changed. By now, the majority of people have packed their summer clothes away and have had more than enough time to assess what they need in terms of their winter wardrobes. The winter boots have come out of storage, vests have been dusted off, and grandmothers can finally see their grandchildren wear the jerseys that they have knitted for them.


Employers need to assess the winter clothing needs of their employees if they have a company where a corporate uniform is required. If you own a business and have chosen to let your employees wear branded corporate clothing to work, you might have only given your employees corporate summer wear before because you wanted to wait to see what jacket options were available closer to winter. Perhaps you have recently started your own company and are shopping for jackets for your employees for the first time. This is a great time to explore the options at Best Clothing and Gifts as we’re a reputable Barron clothing supplier.


Luckily, nowadays, shopping for winter jackets does not have to mean wasting precious time driving from store to store in search of the perfect one. With the Barron clothing catalogue that you can find on our website, you can easily shop for winter jackets for your employees without needing to leave your own home or office. Too bad those who feared the arrival of winter in Game of Thrones did not have access to our services. We can supply enough winter jackets to keep the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros warm.


You might think that your employees can simply wear their regular workwear and then just layer their own jackets on top, but what good is having a branded shirt for work if you are going to cover it up with a jacket because it is cold?


The Benefits of a Barron Jacket for Winter


To ensure that you and your employees look great and represent your brand the way that you want to, you need to ensure that you have clothing specific to the season you are in. You want the jackets that your employees wear to work, as well as the clothing they wear underneath, to be branded with your company logo, so that whether your employees wear their jackets or not, they will be able to be identified clearly and easily and represent your company wherever they go.


Even when winter is over, and spring finally arrives, there might be rainy days where some of your employees will want to wear their jackets in order to shield themselves from the cold raindrops and wind. Your employees will be able to represent your brand at all times while staying warm.


When looking at the various options available on the Barron clothing catalogue, you want to choose jackets that are able to withstand harsh weather conditions, which is why you want to opt for jackets from a brand that is known for their ability to continuously provide high-quality products like Barron. The Barron clothing catalogue makes shopping a lot easier. Available on our website, it is all you need when you are busy shopping for jackets for your employees for winter.


Do you feel a little hesitant about whether you should solely rely on the Barron clothing catalogue when shopping for corporate wear? Here are a few more things for you to consider:


  • When you are shopping from the Barron clothing catalogue, you are looking at workwear options that are made by the experts in corporate clothing and gifts. Barron has been in the industry for years and they are leaders in the provision of corporate wear. They understand your needs when it comes to various types of workwear, such as winter jackets and corporate shirts, so you can expect nothing but the best from them.


  • When you order jackets from the Barron clothing catalogue from us at Best Clothing and Gifts, you can get the jackets branded with your company logo or whatever else you want to display on them. Doing this will add a personal touch and help people identify your brand.


  • The catalogue also shows other clothing options that are available, so if you are looking for more than just winter jackets for your staff members, then you can order all of the corporate clothing that you need from one place. Plus, by buying everything that you need from the same company, you are more likely to buy well-matched clothing, you are getting items of similar quality, and it makes things a lot easier, as you can order everything from one place and also only have to deal with one company when placing your order and getting the clothing branded.


  • Unlike going to a typical store to search for jackets and finding that the store only has ten of the jackets that you really like available, but you have 30 employees, buying from a clothing catalogue from a company that has been specialising in corporate clothing for a very long time means that you are buying from a company that makes enough jackets to dress each and every person who works for your company. They are used to delivering large-scale orders, so even if you have a company of 100 or even 1000 employees, you will be able to get the quantity that you need.


  • If your company is not located close enough to a physical store that supplies corporate clothing, you can shop from the Barron catalogue and order the jackets you want from us at Best Clothing and Gifts. While we are based in Gauteng, we deliver to clients across the country.


  • This way of shopping is actually very convenient. You can access the Barron clothing catalogue from anywhere in the world as long as you have an active Internet connection. The nationwide lockdown did not have to slow down employers who wanted to continue with business as usual and complete important tasks, such as ordering jackets for the company employees thanks to modern technology. Businesses around the world could still have their meetings thanks to Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp Video Call, and Windows Meeting. Many employees could work from home, and even shopping for winter work jackets was made possible thanks to the Barron clothing catalogue being so easy to access online.


So, what types of jackets can you expect to find when you are browsing through the Barron clothing catalogue? Here are just a few options that you can consider based on your individual needs:


  • Chef jackets: These are for the people working in your restaurant, hotel, or B&B kitchen, as well as your staff members if you run a catering company. You can also find chef’s hats and aprons in the catalogue if you need those too.
  • High-visibility Force jackets: These actually have removable sleeves, as well as solid chest and back panels that can be branded.
  • Hawk jackets: These have fold-away hoods, as well as Velcro detail. They are waterproof and also feature reflective tape for high visibility.
  • Beacon jackets: These are wind-resistant and robust jackets that have quilted padding, front-chest pockets, and high-visibility reflective tape. They can easily be embroidered with whatever you want.
  • Evoke jackets: These are lightweight softshell jackets with inverted full zip fronts, zippered side pockets, and topstitching. They are made with breathable material and are resistant to water and wind.
  • Finch jackets: These are easy to care for, are wind resistant, and come with five different zip puller colours.
  • Huxley jackets: These are made with lightweight bonded fabric and come with two-piece sleeves with Velcro, chest pockets with zip openings, side pockets that can be opened with a zip, and topstitching throughout.


These are just a few of the many options available in the Barron clothing catalogue. Thanks to Barron, you truly are spoilt for choice. So much so that you might end up struggling to pick between so many wonderful options available. You might want to get some input from your business partners if you are not the sole owner of the company or consult a few staff members whose opinions you value greatly. Choosing the right jackets for your employees to wear to work might need to be a team effort.


You might see options that you like aesthetically speaking, but there might be some practical considerations you need to make before choosing. If you need help figuring out what to choose, our team at Best Clothing and Gifts is also available to assist you. With our many years of experience in supplying and branding corporate clothing, you can trust that we will be able to draw from past experiences and our industry knowledge to give you the best guidance possible.


You can find the Barron clothing catalogue on our website, and you can contact us when you are ready to place your order or if you need any advice.

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