Why You Should Find a Barron Clothing Supplier for Your Company Workwear

 by cjvanniekerk

 on 2021-08-31

There are several schools of thought when it comes to workwear. Some people firmly believe in it, while others say that employees may feel restricted in their choices of workwear if they are forced to wear uniforms or corporate apparel. The truth is that uniforms and branded personal protective wear are beneficial on several levels, and finding a great Barron workwear supplier can stand you in good stead.


Because your employees wear your branded clothing, several marketing opportunities present themselves, among which are:


  • Mobile advertising: Because your employees wear quality workwear from your Barron supplier, your brand is visible everywhere they go. Whether at work, on the way home, in the shop, or even picking kids up from school, your brand will be displayed. This means better brand visibility and recognition – and studies have proven that people would much rather choose a brand that they are familiar with than one that they have never encountered, even if they have up to that point not yet supported the more recognisable brand. The fact of the matter is that when people need something, your brand needs to spring to mind first, and then it is the responsibility of the company and employees to provide clients with a pleasant experience from that point onwards. The first step is to get a foot in the door, and quality branded Barron workwear from a reputable supplier is the way to go.
  • Building trust: Studies also prove that people tend to trust people in uniform more than people in civilian clothing. This is because there is a certain measure of accountability involved; if someone wears a uniform or corporate clothing, it means that they are held accountable to the values and mission of the business, and they are less likely to deceive or default on promises. For the longest time people have trusted people like police officers, firemen, and medics without any questions asked, because they wear the appropriate apparel.
  • Identification: In a retail environment, it is essential that your customers can identify the people who can help them with the sale or transaction. This means that if you have people on the floor who are easily recognisable, your clients will approach them freely, and this quite often translates into an effortless sale.
  • Team cohesion: People tend to identify with groups and they like to find some kind of representation of themselves in a group situation. If your employees or team wear the same uniform or workwear, they are more likely to form a united front and to identify with each other, and bonds between the workers are strengthened. It also means that there will be more solidarity with the other members of the group and that they are more willing to work towards a collective goal.


If you want to find out more about how choosing a great Barron workwear supplier can improve your team cohesion, marketing efforts, and brand, just give our team at Best Clothing a call. We pride ourselves on being an approved Barron workwear supplier that services the South African corporate clothing industry. Contact us to find out more!

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