The Importance of Branded Corporate Clothing Suppliers in Johannesburg In the Digital Age

 by cjvanniekerk

 on 2021-08-31

Entrepreneurship has been trending over the last few years, not only in popular cities like Johannesburg but all over the world. Nowadays, young people around the world look up to entrepreneurs in various industries as much as they look up to Hollywood stars. Perhaps it all started in Silicon Valley and with tech giants like Apple and Facebook, but entrepreneurs have become so popular nowadays that a lot of companies are doing online brand deals with entrepreneurs who have larger social media followings. A good example is Gary Vaynerchuk, co-founder and CEO of VaynerMedia, who has a brand deal and shoe collection with the popular sneaker brand K-Swiss. 


A lot of modern-day entrepreneurs have their own podcasts with large fan bases, and there really is no shortage of companies who are willing to advertise on them. But why is this rise in the popularity of entrepreneurs relevant to you and your business?


With the rise in popularity of entrepreneurs, so has the social status of corporate clothing improved. Corporate clothing has not seen much limelight in the clothing industry over the past few decades, until now. Many supporters of popular brands want merchandise. They want branded apparel. They want to show the world they support the brand. 


Until now, big fashion brands and commercial clothing stores received most of the attention online, on billboards, and in magazines, but in a world where entrepreneurs around the world are giving away branded clothing and gifts to their eager fans online and where companies actually have their own followings on various online platforms — such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and now TikTok, where their customers wait for them to announce their latest deals or giveaways where they give away branded apparel and gifts — branded corporate clothing is starting to get its time in the spotlight. 


The Desire for Brand Association Has Increased the Need for Branded Corporate Clothing Suppliers


Brand association has become part of our everyday culture. Many people like showing you that they are associated with different brands, but only if the brand has a certain status in the marketplace. Take the Apple brand, for instance. You will never see a loyal Apple customer put a sticker over the logo on their MacBook. Apple users are good examples of loyal customers who want to be associated with the brand because it stands for something. 


Showing people that you are the kind of person who prefers Apple products shows that you think differently, and you care greatly about quality and design. Walking around with a T-shirt that has a Google logo printed on it can send a message that you are knowledgeable about technology and value information.


Wearing a T-shirt that has the logo and information of a charity on it is a way of showing people what you care about. Displaying the logo of an animal shelter in Johannesburg, for example, sends the message that you care about animals and it can also help spread awareness about your favourite shelter so that other animal lovers who see your T-shirt and are inspired to help as well can do so. 


You might even end up becoming friends with a few like-minded brand enthusiasts and people who have the same values as you do. 


Personal branding is important regardless of where you are in the world, and people often use different brands to help them establish their own in society. Residents of the city of gold, Johannesburg, are no different. 


It Is Time to Build the Promotion into The Sale


Think about it this way: If you are at a popular event in Johannesburg and you decide to give out free hats or T-shirts with your company logo on it, eye-catching pictures or words, or maybe even something funny that people will want to share with their friends, and they take photos of themselves wearing it and tag your business on social media, that is them telling all their friends and followers to support your brand. 


That is one of the best forms of advertising money can buy. There is no need to spend a lot of money on promoting Facebook posts if you can get a hundred people to talk about your brand online in a positive way. 


If you have a brand that people want to be seen buying from and be associated with, you can get branded clothing with your logo on it at a reasonable price from a reliable supplier like Best Clothing and Gifts in Johannesburg and with each purchase of a certain item, customers can get a branded clothing item like a cool T-shirt free. 


Yes, you as a business owner are going through the added expense of purchasing the branded clothing initially, but you are actually buying more than that with your money. You are paying for one of the best forms of marketing. 


Every time a customer or even an employee wears the T-shirt that you gave them with your corporate logo printed on it and they go somewhere in Johannesburg or anywhere else in the world, people get exposed to your brand. 


Get Ahead of The Competition with A Competition


If your company decided to connect with branded corporate clothing suppliers in Johannesburg and you started a campaign where you hand out branded clothing and ask people to tag you in their photos to stand a chance to win something worth posting for, each picture that is taken by a person who wants to enter the competition can get seen by all their followers and friends. 


Somebody might tell a few friends if they like a brand, but if they have 250 Facebook friends and 370 Instagram followers, that is a lot more people who are exposed to your brand. You might even have a few loyal customers who have following counts that are so large that a single picture where they promote your brand can increase your brand awareness and ultimately boost sales dramatically. Some people have thousands and even millions of followers online, which means that if they post a photo of themselves wearing your branded clothing, your business could get more attention than you ever thought was possible. You never know who is buying from you and how big of a social impact each person has. 


Every person is an influencer online nowadays. Even those who do not think that they are influencers are influencing the people in their smaller circles with their posts. 


Think of the suburban wife and mom on Facebook who is probably friends with other women of the same demographics. If your product caters to women with families in suburban areas and you can get a few of them to rave about your product so much that they will show your branded T-shirt in their post-gym selfie, you are reaching other moms in the area too. 


The Demand for Branded Corporate Clothing Suppliers in Johannesburg Is Increasing


With the rise in the demand for branded corporate clothing in cities around the world like Johannesburg, so has the demand for suppliers of corporate clothing increased. Somebody has to print all of those T-shirts and caps that are being handed out by influential business owners and companies trying to grow their brand awareness, and we are happy to do it. In fact, we love what we do. 


At Best Clothing and Gifts, we have been supplying branded corporate clothing in Johannesburg since 2008 and have therefore been in the game for over a decade. Unlike many corporate clothing suppliers that have popped up recently, our experience in the industry should give you the peace of mind you need that you will receive what the quality you expect. 


There is a lot less risk involved than if you are using the services of a company that is still finding its feet. Then there is Best Clothing and Gifts. Over the years, we have built up a good reputation in the industry, and if you are going to spend some of your hard-earned money on buying branded corporate clothing, then you want to invest in quality products and rest assured that you are not wasting your money. Every cent that you spend in a business is very important, especially if your business is still in its infancy stage. 


Where to Find the Best Suppliers in Johannesburg


Finding the right suppliers in Johannesburg for your branded corporate clothing is probably the easiest thing you will have to do all week. At Best Clothing and Gifts, we can provide you with the branded clothing you need for your business. You can take a look at our catalogues that we have available on our website. We do have a lot to choose from, so if you find yourself wanting to buy nearly everything we have for your business, then order what you need most now and bookmark our website, so that when you have a little extra money left in your marketing budget in the near future, you can revisit our website easily.

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