The Beauty and Convenience of Buying Corporate Clothing Online

 by cjvanniekerk

 on 2021-08-31

Before the first confirmed cases of the Covid-19 pandemic were reported here, millions of South Africans shopped online for a variety of merchandise, some occasionally and others almost every time they needed something from the shops.


International Buying


Initially, in the early days of home computers and home internet usage, people in this southern part of the African Continent used online purchasing services to buy goods that were only available from international sources, whilst shopping in person for goods that were available in local retail outlets. Additionally, local retailers were not yet set up to provide online buying services for their customers and shopping in person was still the preferred way of acquiring merchandise.


Convenient Online Shopping


Soon enough though, buying and shopping online for almost any- and everything, from food and groceries to certified diamond engagement rings, holiday packages, and theatre tickets took off in a big way, quickly becoming a preferred method of convenient shopping for a great number of busy, tech-savvy South African householders.


Safer Shopping Route


The very lengthy Covid-19 containment protocols and the lockdown that followed expanded the practice of buying online exponentially when people were encouraged to stay at home and work from home whenever possible. You either had to enter public spaces to purchase provisions and essential permitted items of clothing, or you took the safer online shopping route.


Time-Saving Ease and Convenience


Even now that the remaining restrictions and level of lockdown is a great deal closer to the country’s return to a so-called “new normal”, people are buying online by preference, because they’re now accustomed to the ease and convenience offered by this time-saving method of obtaining their requirements.


Trading in today’s tough economic conditions is a daily challenge for South African corporate entities, which can all do with a little ease, convenience, and time-saving measures, whenever it’s on offer, without incurring extra costs. Buying all their corporate clothing, team- and workwear, accessories, promotional gifts and safety equipment online provides all this, plus many more benefits.


Corporate Clothing Suppliers’/Sellers’ Perspective


Leading corporate clothing supply specialists, like Best Clothing and Gifts, have been offering their wares online for a considerable time, because they serve a host of corporate entities, professional and amateur sports teams, and official organisations, such as government departments, universities, the security industry, retailers, and wholesalers, to name only some.


At Best Clothing, the sizes of our ranges are on the enormous scale of what may normally be described as “comprehensive”. It’s vitally important to us to have the ability to display and promote all the garments and associated accessories to our clients, who demand variety and a wide selection.


They cannot buy a garment if they’re unaware of its existence and are able to view its appearance. A single, in-person presentation of one range, undertaken at our premises, could potentially take days, if not weeks, and would only serve to confuse, confound and frustrate the buyer. The logistics would be far too complex.


Online Solution


Online corporate clothing buying and/or selling offers the only effective, efficient workwear procurement solution in this technology-enabled era. Our website is designed to be easily and speedily navigable. For each version of each individual garment in each range, we’ve included all the salient features and aspects of our garments.


Information typically includes colour range, design, fit, cut, shape, fabrics, finish features (where applicable), measuring guide and range of measurements and sizes. In fact, our Best website illustrates each piece and tells our clients just about everything they might wish to know. Nonetheless, we’re always just a phone call or an online enquiry away to answer and queries and questions you may have.


Corporate Branding


By branding your organisation’s apparel, you are exposing your corporate insignia on each employee’s person while they’re in the public eye. It’s a visible promotional opportunity that moves about and it shouldn’t be overlooked or ignored since branding enhances the concern’s image, culture, pride, and sense of unity.


Branding builds customers’ trust and indicates that you are serious about your business, personnel, products and services, and the image you portray within the concern and beyond, improving the reach of your brand.


Enabled by the marvels of modern technology, we also attend to all your corporate clothing branding requirements online, via the most garment- and fabric-appropriate method of customising each piece. From viewing, selecting, and buying, to the beauties of skilled, accurate branding, it’s all awaiting you at Best Clothing and Gifts.

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