Choosing the Best Corporate Clothing Company to Supply Your Business

 by cjvanniekerk

 on 2021-08-31

Looking for a corporate clothing company that really suits the ethos and style of your business can be quite a challenge. While there are a lot of corporate clothing suppliers out there who would love your business, a lot of them just provide the standard uniforms, clothing, and corporate items that are fairly commonplace in the industry. If you want commonplace and standard, the choice will be easy, but if you want a corporate clothing company that can create clothing, promotional items, sportswear, and other things that truly represent the personality of your business, you need to choose carefully.


There is usually a standard process of choosing a supplier for any type of product or service for your company, but choosing a corporate clothing company that truly understands where you come from requires some extra skill and some important questions. Here we provide you with some of the key things you need to know when you are in the process of selecting a corporate clothing company that will best serve the interest of your business.


  • Choose local: While it is infinitely better to choose local suppliers in order to assist the local economy, choosing a local corporate clothing company can provide you with even more benefits than just peace of mind. For a start, there are no language barriers that you have to deal with, no international financial interests and import duties, and much better recourse if something goes wrong. Choosing local corporate clothing suppliers allows you the luxury of returns, good deals on bulk, discounts, and above all, creative branding and great quality. It also helps if the company is located close to your business, in order to bring down delivery costs and to allow you to visit their premises to establish a business relationship with the people who are responsible for handling your account.


  • Business identity: You have to be sure that the corporate clothing company you choose is in tune with the modern developments and trends, while at the same time being in a position to provide you with items that represent the identity and character of your business. Branding and corporate clothing are all about establishing an image in the mind of the consumer and the potential client, so as a result, you have to be discerning when it comes to the types of corporate clothing, branding, and promotional items you purchase from them. Ideally, you should be dealing with a person and not a company, and that person has to have a good eye when it comes to items that can benefit your business. The main purpose of corporate and branded clothing revolves around advertising and marketing, so the corporate clothing company’s representative that you deal with has to understand what your company is all about.


  • Answers to questions: Of course, one of the ways in which to determine to which extent your corporate clothing company of choice can fulfil your requirements is to ask some key questions. These include the following:
    • Which manufacturers provide the clothing?
    • Which types of branding are available?
    • What are the delivery times?
    • How cost effective is the company?
    • To what extent does the corporate clothing company representative understand your needs?
    • Do any discounts apply for bulk purchases?
    • What is the return or refund policy?
    • Do they provide samples before the order, and can they bring these to you for review in a timely manner?
    • What happens if the quality of the items doesn’t measure up to expectations?
    • Is it possible to order online?


  • New products: Technological developments mean that there are constantly new products and types of branding on the market. Will your corporate clothing company inform you of these new products and trends if they could benefit your business? Ideally, a company representative should inform you if there are new developments in the market that could affect your marketing through corporate clothing and branding.


If you are looking for a corporate clothing company that can provide you with personal service, outstanding and reputable brands, local outlets and delivery, online ordering and new development notifications, speak to our team at Best Clothing. We have our fingers on the pulse of the industry at all times, we only work with reputable manufacturers, and we have a true interest in the needs of our clients. Call us for more information today.

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