We Supply a Wide Range of Corporate Clothing Directly to the Public

 by cjvanniekerk

 on 2021-08-31

It is a common misconception in South Africa that you need to work with expensive marketing companies in order to gain access to a wide range of corporate clothing for your business. We supply a wide range of corporate clothing directly to the public. We will even assist you with designing your corporate identity and branding your corporate clothing items. We offer branding in the form of screen-printing, digital printing and embroidery.


If you are shopping around for the best brands on the market you will have undoubtedly found that AMROD Clothing, Barron Clothing and Altitude Clothing offer possibly the best corporate clothing ranges available today. These brands do not sell their gear directly to the public and are quite selective about who they trust with their image and consequent sales. We import these ranges in South Africa for the convenience and benefit of our clients. In fact, these clothing ranges are of the highest quality and can be made available at exceptionally low prices, if you shop at the right place, like Best Clothing. We put the needs and budgets of our clients first and that means lowest possible prices on these brands to you, the public.


In addition to our branded corporate clothing ranges, we also offer our clients the option of having their own corporate attire range specially designed, branded and manufactured for them. We have our own local factories for the manufacturing of custom ranges and our team of designers and factory workers are very knowledgeable in the process of creating work wear and office wear uniforms that are of the best quality.


We have the ultimate faith and confidence in our brand and our team is dedicated to ensure that our company brand and image is always upheld. We currently offer corporate clothing to leading brands on the market including News Café, Simba, CMH Group, KFC, Hyundai, Boston Business College and Glenfiddich Whiskey, to name just a few.


Our vibrant team never misses a beat. We work hard to ensure a quick turnaround on every order and have a can-do attitude, which means that no order is too big or too small. Simply let us know what your requirements, objectives and expectations are and we will ensure that we do our utmost best to meet your needs and present a solution within your budget. To date, we have supplied the following clothing item types for corporate clothing ranges: skirts, suits, trousers, blouses, shirts, pants, dresses, jackets, golf shirts, branded T-shirts and waistcoats. We also supply protective gear and work wear to protect clothing and employees such as safety boots, overalls, aprons, headwear and more.


If you are looking for a supplier of affordable and top quality corporate clothing to the public, look no further. Take the time to get in touch with us at Best Clothing. We are available via email and telephone and look forward to assisting you with dressing your company and its team.

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