Choosing the Best Corporate Clothing Suppliers in Gauteng for Your Needs

 by cjvanniekerk

 on 2021-08-31

It has been proven over the last few decades that the use of promotional clothing, corporate gifts, and branded clothing are some of the most efficient and cost-effective marketing solutions available. While there are a lot of other ways to advertise a product, service, or brand, very few of them deliver the constant and continuous effect that corporate clothing does.


While there are a lot of corporate clothing suppliers in Gauteng, you have to be careful when you choose the company you want to trust with the promotion of your brand. You need to be able to get high-quality corporate clothing and promotional items at competitive prices, and you simply cannot compromise on the good looks and durability that are quite often required when it comes to corporate clothing and uniforms. This is why you need to check out the corporate clothing suppliers in Gauteng very carefully before you make a decision about who you trust to provide you with the best products on the market at affordable prices.


Important Factors to Consider About Corporate Clothing


  • Good looks: If you choose corporate clothing and branded items as one of your marketing platforms, you have to ensure that it is appealing to your target market. Whether you provide sportswear or branded items to your clients, or branded uniforms to your employees, you have to ensure that it is something that everyone will be proud to wear. The point here is to get people to promote your brand by wearing the corporate clothing.


If they do not like it, they will not wear it. And even if these people are your employees, they will resent you (and your business) if you force them to wear clothing on a daily basis that they hate. It is important that you give them what they want, so that they will want to wear it out of their own will.


  • Comfort: Nobody wants to sweat in inferior fabrics from a cheap corporate clothing supplier in Gauteng, so it is vital that the corporate clothing or uniforms you provide your clients or employees are easy to wear, and are made of high-quality, breathable fabrics, instead of the synthetic items that a lot of clothing suppliers provide. What you need is comfortable and wearable items that are nice to wear and to be seen in.


  • Durable: Shabby clothing can damage the reputation and image of your business. This is why you have to invest in high-quality clothing from corporate clothing suppliers in Gauteng who can provide you with the most durable corporate clothing or promotional items. Corporate uniforms, especially, are subjected to numerous washing and ironing all the time, and it is vital that the brand logo and other prints or images on the fabric remain visible and colourful.


The corporate clothing supplier you choose should be able to provide you with high quality-prints, embroidery, and well-made clothing that can stand a lot of wear and tear, or your company image may be tarnished by bad and shabby clothing that bears your logo.


  • Outstanding Workmanship: One of the important things to focus on when looking for the best corporate clothing suppliers in Gauteng is to check the seams, fasteners, embroidery, and general workmanship of the items you plan to purchase. These factors all affect the longevity of the item, and if buttons come loose, zippers break, embroidery frays, and seams split, it is not a great sign. Ensure that you do a thorough check on these things before you choose the corporate clothing suppliers that you would want to work with.


As one of the best corporate clothing suppliers in Gauteng, Best Clothing is proud to present our new 2018 catalogue of promotional and branded clothing. We are one of the few suppliers of reputable brands, such as Barron, and as a result, we have very high standards to maintain. We pride ourselves on the high-quality fabrics and our excellent workmanship, as well as the visibility and durability of our prints and embroidery.

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