How to Choose Corporate and Promotional Clothing That Will Suit Your Brand’s Image

 by cjvanniekerk

 on 2021-08-31

Many companies use corporate and promotional clothing to promote their brands. This can be in the form of corporate uniforms for employees, or promotional clothing items that can be gifted to clients, potential consumers, or members of the public during a promotional event. While corporate clothing and promotional clothing are always effective at increasing the visibility of your brand, you have to choose well when it comes to certain items of clothing. Clients and employees may have different corporate clothing needs, and here we provide you with some tips on how to choose the best corporate and promotional clothing for your organisation.


Corporate and Promotional Clothing for Clients


Nobody wants to wear something that looks tatty or badly printed. By nature, corporate clothing has to be branded in a fairly visible way to make it more effective, and you want your client to be proud to wear your branded clothing when they receive it. One of the main rules here is to ensure that the clothing is well made and that the fabrics, stitching, and accessories (zips, buttons, clips, fasteners) are durable and attractive.


The actual branding is also important – often, it is printed, but if the printing is not done particularly well, it fades or peels off after a few washes. You definitely don’t want this to happen! When it comes to corporate and promotional clothing for executives, opt for embroidery – this looks better and lasts a lot longer. It also gives the items of clothing a more stylish, high-quality look. You want your clients to feel happy to be associated with the clothing you give them, so make it great!


Corporate Clothing for Employees


When it comes to choosing corporate clothing for employees, the quality rule still applies, but there are a few other rules you should also pay attention to. These include the following:


  • Comfort: Remember that your employees have to wear the clothing you provide them with for the whole day from the minute they put it on until they get home to take it off. This means that it has to be comfortable. You simply cannot sacrifice comfort for looks when it comes to staff uniforms. There should be nothing tight about the uniform – cinched waists should be done with soft elastic, pants should be well cut for a good fit, and tops or shirts should be well designed to show off the brand without compromising comfort.


  • Fabrics: It is essential to have breathable fabric when it comes to corporate and promotional clothing. Synthetic fabrics are often hot and trap moisture, which can be incredibly uncomfortable. Choose cotton knit, pure cotton, or a cotton mix instead.


  • Good fit: It is imperative that the clothing fits well. Corporate and promotional clothing should not just be handed out based on estimated sizes, they should be tried on by the employee first, to ensure that it fits well.


  • Durability: Your corporate clothing or uniforms will probably be washed a few times per week, so it makes sense that the fabrics, the dye, the branding, and the workmanship can withstand wear and tear. The colours should not fade, and the branding must stay pristine for a long time. Eventually, clothing will deteriorate, but getting durable brands that last longer may cost more in the beginning, but will prevent the need for uniforms to be replaced regularly.


  • Contemporary styles: Don’t get stuck in the uniform rut and think that golf shirts are the only good design for corporate and promotional clothing. There are a lot of more modern styles and designs out there, and you can appeal to your clothing supplier to design corporate and promotional clothing specifically for your organisation.


If you would like to invest in corporate clothing that will promote your brand effectively, contact our team at Best Clothing and we will help you to find the perfect clothing solution for your organisation.

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