First thing your company needs to do if you want your employees dressed stylish and in your brand, is to make use of our expertise and product range. As a leading corporate apparel supplier in South Africa, we provide an extensive range of corporate, sports and work wear branded according to client requirements. One of the clothing brands that we represent is that Barron, known for their upbeat designs, superior quality, and the durability of the clothing. But before you request the Barron clothing price list, let’s have a look at some of the clothing items in their chef wear catalogue as available from us.


Chef Wear that Impresses and Exceeds Quality Requirements


Chef wear is exposed to harsh working conditions. The kitchen is simply not a place where you can expect to stay clean all day long. As such, the fabrics must be washable, easy to clean, and just as easy to keep free of unsightly crinkles and creases. With Barron, known for superior quality clothing that’s made specifically to fit specific work environments, you can expect the clothing to meet your every requirement for chef wear. Even if you are ready to download the Barron clothing price list, take the time to view the chef wear range. A few of the items are briefly introduced below.


Bib Apron


It is made from polycotton twill fabric and comes with two side pockets for placement of pens, notebooks, bottle openers, and more. Available in four colours to meet your hospitality requirements, the Bib Apron is well-suited for promotional, domestic and hospitality industry use. It covers the chest area, right down to the upper knees for maximum protection of clothing.


Bistro Apron


Well-suited for waiters, baristas, and bartenders working in coffee shops, restaurants and bars, the Bistro Apron is made from exceptionally durable polycotton fabric. It comes with a double front pocket fitted with a pen slot and features a cloth loop. It covers the waist area and is easy to put on or take off.


Tapered Apron


The apron is made specifically for chefs to provide full cover protection against spills onto clothing. It is a 65/35 polycotton apron that has a tapered front flap for improved comfortable fit, and it comes with an easy to access angled pocket and looped towel holder.


Chef Beanie


For the kitchen, where there is simply not space for elaborate wear, we suggest the Chef Beanie that comes with adjustable Velcro tab and is made from 65/35 polycotton fabric.


Chef Mushroom Hat


For the more traditional chef look with the advantage of superb air flow in the hat to keep the chef cool even in front of a very hot stove, we suggest the Chef Mushroom Hat made from 65/35 polycotton fabric. It also comes with an adjustable Velcro tab to ensure best fit.


Chef Skull Cap


Bring the image of your kitchen staff into the modern age with the trendy Chef Skull Cap made from 80/20 Polycotton fabric. It features a mesh side panel to ensure comfortable fit. Durability is enhanced with the twin topstitching method.


The above are only a few of the chef wear items in the Barron clothing catalogue. Many more chef wear, work wear, sportswear and corporate clothing ranges from the brand are available from us. View our product list and request the Barron clothing price list to see just how affordable it is to have your employees dressed in style and appropriate wear.