The Barron sport clothing product range is just as extensive as their other clothing ranges. However, deciding which sportswear to buy and what sizes are best may be a daunting task. As such, we briefly discuss sport clothing and tips for buying to help you make an informed decision when buying any brand of sport clothing including Barron.


Sportswear is often called active wear or sport clothing, but basically refers to any clothing specifically designed for sport applications requiring physical activity. The clothing must be comfortable and must be designed for the specific sport for which worn. If the clothing causes excessive sweating or perhaps makes it difficult to bend knees or elbows then it is not right for the purpose. Sportswear designs, especially from the Barron brand are made to improve performance, create team spirit, and enhance comfort while participating in physical activities.


Such sport clothing ranges from headwear including scarves, hats, caps and sweat bands to sport tops, such as jackets, T-shirts and jumpers. It also includes the sporting bottoms such as shorts, leggings, trousers, and underpants, in addition to footwear such as appropriate shocks and shoes.


To buy appropriate sport clothing you need to determine your specific needs or the dress requirements of your team. First answer the question of what sport activity? If it is for cycling, you will certainly require very different wear from what is used for kick boxing.


Ask your team to give their sizes and if need be, take the measurements along with them to avoid buying sport clothing that is either too big or too tight. Of course, aesthetic appeal must also be considered. If the clothing does not look good and trendy, your team will not want to wear it with pride. Keep in mind that you most probably want to brand on the apparel and it is therefore best to select clothing from a brand such as Barron, known for their innovative and trendy styles.


This brings us to the choice of fabric. Generally, you can already rest assured that Barron has done their research regarding the best fabrics to use for specific sport apparel. Breathable fabric is recommended to allow for optimal airflow and thus cooling around the body. If the fabric is soft it will also be gentler on the skin. Wicking ability refers to the fabric’s ability to optimally absorb perspiration and to effectively disperse of such.


The outfit is only complete if all the accessories for the particular sport are included. Have a look at what each garment includes, such as pockets, extra padding, zips, and mesh etc. Ask your team members what they prefer to be included in their sport clothing and shop for such apparel.


Other considerations include, but are not limited to:


  • How easy the garments soil and how easy it will be to clean the clothing.
  • Affordability of the particular brand of clothing.
  • Durability since physical activities, harsh sunlight and other elements can take their toll on fabrics
  • What level of craftsmanship is displayed in the design and finishing touches?


Now that you have a better idea of what to look for when shopping for appropriate sportswear for your team, take a look at the range of Barron’s sport clothing as available from us.