Branded clothing and other branded items, such as sports bags, hats, peaks, umbrellas, corporate uniforms and personal protective equipment, all have one thing in common: You have to choose carefully. It is simply vital that you are confident that the supplier of brandable corporate clothing is able to provide you with what you want, and when you want it. It is more than just choosing a supplier – it goes well beyond buying an order from a vendor – it comes down to a variety of factors that you have to carefully consider before deciding on your number-one supplier of brandable clothing!


  • Your brand identity: You brand has to be represented visually, and the supplier you choose has to be able to provide care and attention to the design and quality of the items they produce. It is vital that the fabrics and the branding are top notch, because branding that fades and low-quality materials will detract from the image of the brand. The brandable corporate clothing that they provide has to be something that anybody would be proud to wear and happy to be seen in, and it should create a sense of unity with the brand.


  • Quality of print or embroidery: Usually, brandable corporate clothing is first made by the manufacturer and then branded by the supplier, in order to meet the different orders and needs of the customers. This means that the print quality or the embroidery has to match the longevity of the fabrics used.


  • Reputation: You have to know that the supplier you choose has maintained a good reputation in the industry for a while. It is also good to have a solid track record and long-term business relationships with regular clients. Ask for references and check on these.


  • Online presence: Most companies need to have some kind of presence online, if they take their businesses seriously. It is important to see how user friendly the suppliers’ websites are and to engage with them in a useful manner with quick responses. This means that they pay attention to their customers and that you are more likely to get what you need.


  • Delivery: A good supplier should be able to deliver brandable corporate clothing to you at the time you need it, and where you need it. They should have access to the suppliers they need to serve their customers.


  • Project managers: Not only do you need a good design team, but you also need a project manager that is on the ball and engages with you, as the client, in a meaningful way. Your project manager has to have some suave skills – he or she has to be able to take care of your account and deliver a quality product on the dates specified. It is a lot harder than it seems, and this is why you need a true professional on your side.


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