If you are looking for a provider of corporate clothing or branded items for your company, you will have quite a job deciding between all the branded clothing suppliers in Gauteng. Because more and more organisations and business managers have caught on to the many benefits that branded items such as client gifts, promotional items, corporate clothing and uniforms provide, the market in branded goods in Gauteng has grown exponentially over the last two decades.


There are now many different companies that provide these items. The key is to only work with the branded clothing suppliers in Gauteng that suit the needs of your organisation the best. Here are some tips for choosing one branded goods and corporate clothing supplier that will work best for you.


  • Check available companies in your area: If you are based in Gauteng, you are in luck, because you will have a lot of branded clothing suppliers to choose from. The choice, however, can be difficult, so it is best to make a list of about five or ten companies in your area to pay attention to. Look at their websites, see what they offer, learn more about their client history, and check for references or recommendations. The more prominent companies are not shy to list their clients on their websites, and if they tend to supply well-known companies with branded clothing and corporate gifts, they are probably reliable and good at what they do. If you are not based in Gauteng, you have to ensure that the companies you look at are able to deliver to you wherever you are in the country.


  • Check out their products: There are so many companies that design and manufacture their own promotional clothing, and not all of these products are of good quality. If you choose branded clothing suppliers in Gauteng that supply low-quality items, you may end up with uniforms that fade or don’t last very long, apparel that does not fit properly, bad workmanship, and terrible fabrics. If they offer printing or embroidery services, you also have to check that this is of high quality, in order for it to last long and remain beautiful for a long time. Often, branded clothing suppliers in Gauteng, such as Best Clothing, only deal with very reputable providers of corporate clothing, such as Barron and Altitude, and these companies will only allow certain, highly respected companies to distribute their clothing.


  • Identify their constraint: Ensure that you get a good idea of the sizes of orders they can produce and the ability to deliver on tight deadlines. Even though some branded clothing suppliers in Gauteng will already have their apparel ready, these must still be branded properly, and high-quality technology is needed to do this properly. The skill of the team is very important, as you have to be confident that the supplier of branded clothing, corporate gifts, and promotional items is able to brand the items properly to make the best of your logo or message. Also check if they can deliver to you and whether they take a personal approach to the business. The better, well-respected companies, such as Best Clothing, have a personal approach to their clients, and a representative is allocated to every client to discuss their needs, to make recommendations, and to take accountability for the job.


  • Value for money: Most branded clothing suppliers in Gauteng try to be as cost effective as possible, but often they can only charge lower prices by compromising on the quality of their products, or other important factors. While cost is always a huge factor, especially if you are purchasing a lot of corporate clothing or branded items, quality is just as important, so your main focus should always be on the value their products add to your investment.


If you are looking for a company that stands out above the other branded clothing suppliers in Gauteng, choose Best Clothing. We only work with the best manufacturers of clothing, use the best fabrics, and apply state-of-the-art technology to print and embroider high-quality items for our clients. Give us a call today to find out more.