Browsing through a corporate clothing catalogue can be a long and interesting process, with different kinds of styles and categories available to choose from. So, what happens when you find the right product that you would want your brand to be printed on? Obviously, picking a product does not simply make it magically turn out precisely how you want it to be. You need to take more steps in order to achieve a proper quality branded clothing item, so here is your corporate clothing solution!




Choosing the right colour for your products is as important as choosing the product itself. Your colour selections need to fit your brand, your company, and the items you are branding as well. Make sure that you get professional help with regards to your colour selection, as certain colours might be appealing to you, but not to your general target market.


Also, finding the right colours to match your company and brand will prove to be very important. Having someone that can give you a proper idea of which colours work well together will certainly work to your benefit in the end. Never underestimate the power of colour regarding a corporate clothing solution for your brand.


Different Types of Branding


After you have sorted out your product choice and colour selection, you will have to find the right branding option to put on your products. These options will be sensitive to your selection of products, and will prove very useful if executed right.


With Best Clothing, we offer a range of different branding options for our corporate clothing solution, starting with the obvious selections. Screen printing and embroidery have always been the two most popular choices for branding, as most of the clothing products are able to handle these types of branding without damaging the material. Other options include debossing, heat transfer printing, and laser etching for a more unique style of branding.


Sublimation printing and domed zip pullers will also feature on the menu for branding options, leaving you with a crazy amount of different styles and choices for your final product. All that is left to do is for you to decide on what you would like your final product to look like, and let us take care of a corporate clothing solution for you.


Here, at Best Clothing, you will find the best in a wide selection of corporate clothing, including products from Altitude and Barron to even further expand our range that we can deliver for you. Specialised clothing is also on the table, for the more niche markets of safety and kitchen staff wear. We have everything you might want or need all in one place to order from, so choose Best Clothing today for your corporate clothing solution, and we will not disappoint you with our final products, satisfying you and your company.


Browse our website for our full catalogues and branding options, for you to make an informed decision before placing an order with us. Feel free to contact us as well for further information.