The market for corporate clothing suppliers in Johannesburg has grown massively, and there are now a lot more to choose from. To get the best products and best service, it is essential to be able to identify the suppliers that can best meet your corporate needs.


Traditionally, if you asked someone how they chose their preferred supplier, they would probably have replied that their choice was based on price or location. Nowadays, there are so many suppliers around in Gauteng that it has become difficult to differentiate between the ones that offer good value and quality products and the ones that sell you cheap products and empty promises. This means that you now must be very careful about which corporate clothing supplier in Johannesburg you choose when you are looking for the best products in terms of branded clothing and promotional items.


So, when selecting the most suitable corporate clothing supplier in Johannesburg for your needs, you should employ some savvy. It may seem like a laborious process, but you must keep in mind that the supplier you choose may be able to service your company for years to come, and that a little studious research now can benefit your business in the long run.


How to Select Your Ideal Supplier:


  • Know what you need: Before you go out looking for a corporate clothing supplier in Johannesburg, you should be in tune with what exactly you are looking for. Are you looking for quantity over quality? Do you need someone who can provide you with quality products on short notice? Do you have a lot of time to invest, or do would you rather invest money? You must be absolutely certain of what your objectives are before looking for the supplier that will serve you best.
  • Do some homework: Local is best. This means that if you live in Gauteng, you will probably need a corporate clothing supplier in Johannesburg, Pretoria, or their immediate surrounds. Because it is easier to deal with a supplier that is close to you, it also means lower delivery costs and easier control over the contract.
  • Shortlist carefully: Look at the company credentials, the experience, the client list, and the general reputation of the companies you are considering. Often the calibre of brand they represent will give you an indication of how good they are. Barron Clothing, for instance, will only deal with selected suppliers and distributors that they consider to be viable and professional, so it helps to have some input from a product perspective from the bigger players in the industry. Endorsement by prominent brands help a lot, and you will be better off sticking to the recognised industry players because they will not only provide you with better prices, but better service and quality as well. Dealing with a reputable brand will usually mean that you have recourse if you are unsatisfied.


If you need any more information about selecting the best corporate clothing supplier in Johannesburg for your needs, contact us today! We will provide you with all the advice and information you need.