In a world where we have an attention economy and brands all over the world are competing to grab their customers' attention both on- and offline, why would you and your employees dress in a way that makes you blend in? Why be ordinary and fit in when you can stand out? Why wear a plain corporate shirt when you can have yours branded with your custom-designed logo or whatever you like? 


The Importance of Personal Branding 


Your name is attached to every single thing that you do. Every time you send an email, the person on the other end will interpret your email, which will then contribute to the opinions they form about you and your company. If the email is filled with spelling errors, if you have poor email etiquette, and if you take too long to respond, it creates a negative impression of you even if you are a great person. 


On the other hand, if you put a little bit of extra time and effort into writing a good email and check your spelling, you make sure your font size is consistent, you have an eye-catching signature, and you put your best foot forward, it will create a more positive impression of you and your company and your chances of repeat business will increase greatly.


The same principle applies to the way you look while conducting business and what your employees wear to work every day. The clothes that you wear to work say something about you. You want to look professional, of course, but you also want to look interesting. You do not want to dress in a way that makes it easy for you to blend into the background and for people to forget about you. 


If you are a company that specialises in once-off services like plumbing, for example, customers might hire you the first time because your name was one of the first to pop up on Google Search, but if a year or two go by before they need the services of a plumber and you did not make a big enough impression for them to remember the name of your company, they will just contact the first company that appears in their search results, which is often the company with the biggest marketing budget, and thanks to the changing and unpredictable algorithm, there is no guarantee that your company name will be one of the first options they see. 


You want to do everything you can to stand out and make a lasting impression. Custom-designed clothing can be the answer. 


What Image Do You Want to Portray? 


Corporate clothing suppliers who can provide custom-designed corporate clothing can help you to create the image you want to project in the workplace and the boardroom. 


If you are not 100% of how you want to be perceived in the workplace, take some time to browse through our corporate clothing catalogue to see if there is a specific look that you would want to have when meeting clients. You can also look online for ideas and then look in the catalogue to find the closest match and then our team of experts can help you to custom-design your corporate clothing from there. 


If you want your business to stand out among the competition when you are offering the same service, then you need to focus on the smaller details that all add up together. Are you using colours in your branded corporate clothing that stand out more? Will your staff members look more professional than your top competitors' employees? 


Branding is crucial and should always be kept in mind when making decisions, such as what corporate clothing and apparel to get. Everything your employees wear should strengthen your brand's image. 


What small details can you add that customers will associate with your company more? 


Getting Personal with Your Suppliers


When starting to work with corporate clothing suppliers, it is important to be as clear as possible about what it is that you are looking for. You might have a vague idea of what you want when it comes to your corporate clothing, but you are not exactly clear on the finer details. If you communicate as clearly as possible with us as your chosen suppliers, our design team will be able to take it from there and present you with a design that suits your given specifications. 


If you are looking for custom-designed corporate wear, choose Best Clothing and Gifts as your suppliers and we will help your brand to stand out.