If you are looking for a cost-effective and highly impactful way to promote or market your brand, the use of branded corporate clothing or other promotional items can offer some real advantages.  There are currently a lot of wholesalers and corporate clothing providers around South Africa, but not all of them offer quality products! 


In order to create a positive perception of your brand, it is essential that you find a company that can provide you with the best in quality clothing, well-designed logos and high impact embroidery.  Companies that provide corporate clothing at low costs often cut their own costs by dealing with wholesalers that provide clothing and other items that are of inferior quality, and in the long run, your brand may sustain some damage if its reputation is tarnished by low quality, tacky products that break, fade easily or have badly stitched embroidery. 


At Best Clothing, we have a spectacular range of corporate wear, uniforms, sports apparel, bags, sports equipment and other promotional items that can easily be branded with your company logo or slogan.  We brand our own clothing and we only deal with reputable clothing wholesalers to provide us with clothing of high quality.  We ensure that your logo stands out with clear and vibrant printing or embroidery.  Companies or businesses that need to promote their products or services in a cost-effective manner have always found well-branded high-quality promotional items and clothing a winner!


In order to stay ahead of the competition, it is extremely important that your target market and your potential target market know that your brand, service or product exists!  In order to create more brand awareness and brand familiarity, promotions can be organised to focus the attention of the target market onto your brand.  A great way to do this in a cost-effective manner is to combine various marketing media, such as branded corporate apparel with another marketing media, for instance, an online website or Facebook site.  Posting pictures of staff and customers in branded clothing will highlight visibility, and if you consider how many people look at Twitter feeds and Facebook entries nowadays, it is astounding to imagine how many people will see your brand or logo.  Getting certain people, such as key clients and well-known personalities, or sports events to be associated with your brand is also a good strategy, but you may have to sponsor a certain portion of an event or even pay a celebrity to become part of your campaign.


With everything taken into account, corporate clothing still remains one of the most effective and low cost ways to create brand awareness.  Everybody who wears the clothing, hats or scarves with your logo, or uses one of your promotional items that contains your brand is indirectly promoting your product for you.  In addition to the usual marketing advantages, corporate clothing and branded gifts can also be used to increase motivational levels in the company by giving these to staff.  Whether the clothing is branded with the use of screen printing or embroidery, companies and businesses everywhere can benefit from branded corporate clothing every day.  Give us a call to find out more!