It’s been shown that providing your business and team with a corporate identity is the best way to create uniformity and encourage morale in the work place. Of course it is also great for your clients to see the company looking at its best and dressed appropriately. If you are seeking out corporate clothing to consider in Pretoria, then you have come to just the right place. At Best Clothing we have a wide array of options for you, and these options certainly won’t disappoint.


One of the best advantages to this type of work wear is that you can customise the options according to your business brand. Each outfit can include a logo and your slogan and also be designed to include your actual company colours. Creating this sort of identity will ensure that those who see your staff members on a regular basis will become familiar with your company name and image, and this can do great things for your business in the long run.


On our range of corporate attire you will find items such as skirts, pants, t-shirts, fleece jackets, smart shirts and so on. What’s more is that we can assist with the actual branding of each item. We offer you a choice between silk screen printing, video flex and embroidery. All of these options have their advantages. You can provide us with the artwork that you want used, or you can spend some time with our designers and have something fresh and new made up – the choice is yours.


The manufacturers that we support present only the finest quality products to the market. We obtain our attire at wholesale rates which means that we can offer you the best rate too. We check each item for quality and good workmanship for your peace of mind – the last thing we want is for your company image to be associated with tatty attire – so we set out to guarantee that this does not happen.


Best Clothing has been serving the needs of many leading companies in South Africa such as KFC, Simba, CMH Group, News Café, and Hyundai and so on. Our focus is on ensuring that our clients are provided with attire that they can rely on to present their company professionally and effectively.


We have 20 years of experience in the corporate clothing market behind us and we gladly use this experience to advise our clients on latest trends, what wears well and of course what is going to be the most comfortable for your staff members to wear. Fabrics used in our range are guaranteed to be of a good quality so they will not show wear and tear easily and will not fade in the wash. If you look after the clothing items correctly, you can expect for them to last for an extensive period of time.


When seeking out a supplier of the best corporate clothing in Pretoria, Gauteng; remember to take a look at our range and request a quote. You are bound to be simply impressed by what we have to offer in terms of product quality and value for money.