Given the far greater frequency with which women in South Africa are now being appointed to senior posts that, during less enlightened times, would have been occupied almost exclusively by men, the nation’s suppliers of corporate clothing have found it necessary to focus equally on the needs of the ladies.


No longer restricted to the uniforms and workplace garments traditionally worn by female cabin crew and ground staff, nurses, and hotel front-of-house staff, manufacturers must now provide the means with which women can assert their executive status in the sales arena, in the boardroom, and wherever else their new-found and long-overdue roles may make this desirable.


Of course, there are many stores from which one may purchase elegantly tailored clothes suitable for the office and for either sex. However, this is a policy that tends to promote an image of individuality, rather than conveying any sense of identity with the wearer’s company, whilst also failing to reflect the values of the latter. By contrast, when opting for the more uniform style of attire available from a dedicated supplier of corporate clothing, whether for ladies or for gents, it is a choice that has the potential to endow a company with the means with which to attain each of these important goals very effectively, whilst still ensuring its workforce will remain dressed to impress.


When catering for female staff, the range of possible choices will normally be broader than that available to their mail colleagues. This means that while any choice will serve to portray the desired image of community, while the needs of those who may desire to enjoy a degree of individuality need not be frustrated. For example, the freedom to choose between slacks or a skirt can provide some welcome reassurance for those who might otherwise be embarrassed about exposing their legs – a contingency for which any reputable ladies’ corporate clothing supplier should be seen to cater to.


Colour choices present no problem, so suitable materials to match most corporate colour schemes can be supplied. In addition, if it is required to incorporate a company logo into the design of a garment, we offer a service in-house with facilities for everything from traditional embroidered designs and silk-screen prints, to cutting-edge digital technologies suitable for use on waterproof items. In effect, the extraordinary is all in a day’s work for one of the nation’s leading ladies’ corporate clothing suppliers – Best Clothing


When purchasing from Best Clothing, buyers will have the option to select from a range of stock garments, which may then be customised as deemed necessary, in order to comply with the specific needs of the client, or to work with us in a cooperative project to develop unique, bespoke designs made from fabrics sourced especially for the purpose in mind. Alternatively, some clients may prefer to opt for a recognised branded product like those manufactured by industry leaders, such as Barron and Altitude. Whichever may be your choice, you can be sure that uniform does not mean dull or bland. On the contrary, it is our aim as a ladies’ corporate clothing supplier to ensure that our clients’ employees love our garments and are proud to be seen wearing them.


The Barron range offers the wearer some attractive choices, and this well-respected manufacturer also maintains a policy of introducing new designs on a fairly regular basis. Among the latest addition to its range, and available in a variety of colours, are a tailored stretch skirt, some tailored stretch pants, and a comfortable, yet stylish, sleeveless jacket that seems certain to create an impression.


Ladies’ corporate clothing suppliers do not solely cater for the workplace, however. We also provide for the needs of busy execs during their leisure time with a range of quality sportswear suitable for joggers, golfers, and for any company employee or favoured client who may enjoy a bit of exercise when the opportunity presents itself.


As a leading supplier of ladies’ corporate clothing to companies both at home and in many other regions of southern Africa, the terms elegant, stylish and eye-catching have formed the cornerstones of our business since its inception and will continue to do so. To these we must add the impeccable workmanship, product quality, and value for money that mark us as a company that is determined to live up to its name. In short, we aspire to be the best.