Branded clothing is an amazing tool that you can use to promote your company. When you provide your staff with branded workwear, or give branded clothing as gifts or sponsored prizes, you’re essentially ensuring that people who wear these items are like walking billboards advertising your company for you wherever they go!


When it comes to branded clothing, quality is important. After all, you don’t want to associate your brand with flimsy, poorly manufactured garments. Choosing a trusted supplier of corporate clothing in South Africa is therefore essential. At Best Clothing, we offer a wide range of quality corporate clothing – from office wear, to casual wear, such as golf shirts and sports jackets. Our clothing is professionally made to withstand wear and tear, while also offering affordability to suit different needs and budgets.


Different Ways You Can Use Branded Clothing as a Promotional Tool


Your logo and company colours on clothing that people wear out and about is fantastic, cost-effective advertising. These are just some ways in which you can partner with a supplier of corporate clothing in South Africa to promote your brand:


1. Corporate office wear


What is the best way to ensure that your staff members always look professional, while also promoting your company? Branded workwear. Think about it – your employees spend a large part of the day at the office, but they also go grocery shopping on the way home from work, attend school functions for their children after work, nip out to buy something to eat on their lunch break. When your employees are seen out of the office in a work uniform that includes your company logo and colours, they are advertising your brand to everyone who sees them.


2. Company sports events


If your company organises events such as golf days, branded golf shirts and casual sports jackets solidify your employees as a team, and advertise the business at the same time. Golf shirts, T-shirts, tracksuit jackets, and caps are also comfortable to wear, so many of your staff might wear these branded items over the weekend, when they are not at work, thus increasing your company’s branding exposure. A good supplier of corporate clothing in South Africa will be able to provide you with a selection of sports and casual clothing in colours to match your company’s visual identity, or be able to make items in your specific colours, if you require extra customisation. In addition, your logo and company graphics can be embroidered or screen printed onto clothing as needed.


3. Sponsored sports clothing


Have you been thinking about sponsoring a local sports team? Not only is this kind of initiative great for your reputation and professional image, as part of your corporate social strategy, but it also gives you the opportunity to make your logo more visible to a wider audience, and build brand awareness in your community. Choose a reputable and experienced supplier of corporate clothing in South Africa to ensure that customised sports uniforms can be manufactured to meet the needs of the team you want to sponsor, while including high-quality and eye-catching branding for your business.


4. Promotional gifts


Everyone loves a freebie, thus making gifts the ideal branding tool. Next time you want to put together promotional gift ideas for your clients, instead of considering the usual pens and calendars (which everyone has far too many of anyway), contact a supplier of corporate clothing in South Africa and find out about branded clothing that is of high quality and affordable. Winter jackets make excellent gifts that are sure to be worn (and seen!), while branded baseball caps are also very popular.


5. Sponsored prizes for events and competitions


Again, sponsorship can give your business superb advertising exposure to increase brand awareness. By including branded clothing as prizes at events (whether organised by you, or where you are invited to take part by another organisation), you ensure that your brand reaches a wider audience. A supplier of corporate clothing in South Africa can advise you on the best options for affordable branding, for example screen printed T-shirts that feature appealing designs, and include your logo and company colours.


Best Clothing is a supplier of corporate clothing in South Africa with an excellent reputation, offering a wide variety of high-quality branded clothing items at affordable prices. For further information or to discuss your specific needs, give us a call today.