While the corporate clothing and promotional item market in South Africa is still rapidly growing, there are certain suppliers of Altitude clothing and other branded promotional wear that just cannot help but stand out above the others. One of these high-flyers is Best Clothing, and here we have gained a solid reputation for our great quality, high standards, short turnaround times, personal service and our sterling track record in the industry.


At Best Clothing, we believe that the name Altitude is synonymous with great quality and high standards, and we are proud of our association with this brand. While we are one of the leading suppliers of Altitude clothing in Gauteng, we also provide other quality brands such as Barron clothing and gifts. Our wide range of products includes branded sports apparel and bags, headwear, corporate clothing and promotional gift items. 


We employ our staff on the basis of their skill and expertise, and as a result, we provide spectacular results. We are truly passionate about the industry and great customer service, and we strive to always exceed expectations when it comes to good-looking branded items, personal service and deadlines. We are able to comfortably churn out large and small orders, and we see all of our clients as our priority, regardless of the size of their orders. When you place an order with us, we will assign a relationship manager to your account, and this person will take full responsibility for your order, from start to delivery.  Our professional attitude towards our business shines through in everything that we do, and we are particularly good at delivering within tight deadlines. This means that you can rest assured that you are dealing with committed suppliers of Altitude clothing and other brands, and that your order will be done on time. We provide samples for your approval in order to eliminate any mistakes or misunderstandings, and to give our clients a range of options to choose from for the best results.


Best Clothing is located in Gauteng, but we provide quality merchandise to clients across the country.  Our modern technology includes innovative systems that enable us to book your order and follow it throughout its lifecycle. We are also able to give you progress reports whenever needed. We strive to respond swiftly to all emails and queries to give you peace of mind. We love the personal approach, and we do our best to align our products with your particular business needs. 


As one of the most prominent suppliers of Altitude clothing in South Africa, we understand the market and the industry, and as a result, we build highly functional relationships with the designers and suppliers of other important brands such as Barron, who only provide their products to branding suppliers that can do justice to their brands.


All of our products are available for viewing on our online catalogue, and you are welcome to contact us for advice and quotes. Our prices and time frames make us one of the best competitors out there, and we ensure that our clients receive the best service and quality at all times. Contact our friendly team today for more information!