T-shirt printing in Johannesburg is fast becoming a popular way to brand work attire, sports attire and even leisure wear. If you manage a sports team, school club, business or similar, you will want to ensure that your logo and details are clearly visible on your T-shirts. By printing your T-shirts, you will be creating a feeling of togetherness and cultivating pride amongst team members. Branded T-shirts also help the general public and other teams or competitors to distinguish you from the rest.


Doing T-shirt printing in Johannesburg will require you to provide the printing company or promotional company with your artwork. The type of artwork that you provide will directly affect the outcome of the print, so if you want the T-shirts to look good, you will need to prepare your artwork correctly. You might spend hours creating the perfect design, only to be told by the printer that your supplied design simply won’t work for T-shirt printing. Below are a few tips to preparing artwork to ensure that your T-shirt printing is a success:


  • If the company is doing silkscreen printing, you are going to need to do your artwork in PMS colours. Most designers use RGB and CMYK colour palettes, but screen printing requires PMS for more accurate colour matches, and to ensure that colour separations are easier and more accurate.


  • Avoid sizing issues by providing your printer with the artwork in actual size. You can use a ruler to measure the space available on your T-shirt and ensure that the final artwork is delivered to the printer or promotional company in the exact size that you want it printed it. This helps to solve a lot of miscommunication or judgement issues between printers and clients.


  • All text should be converted to outlines. Why? Well, if you want to avoid finding a substituted font in your printed product instead of the custom designed font that you had in mind, then converted outlines is the answer. When your artwork is opened, the computer and design programs used will view your text as an image, which means that there’s no need for font substitutions.


  • Set your halftones with PMS colours too. You can use half tones in areas where you want to save on inks or want faded colours. PMS colours can create the same effect. In your design program, slide the colour scale down to the percentage of the colour intensity that you want.


These are just a few simple tips to ensure that we and any other service providers that you choose to use for your T-shirt printing in Johannesburg can better help you. At Best Clothing, we want nothing more than to provide you with a final printed T-shirt that you are proud to wear and associate your brand with!


With the help of our experienced team, your T-shirts will look bright, fresh and most certainly eye-catching. If you would like to learn more about our T-shirt printing services in Johannesburg, take the time to contact us via email or telephone at Best Clothing without any further delay.