Best Range of T-Shirt Printing Products and Services in Pretoria

 by cjvanniekerk

 on 2021-08-31

When it comes to quality T-shirt printing in Pretoria, you can rely on our team to deliver every time. We are dedicated to client satisfaction and can have your order delivered right to your doorstep. Though our offices are located in Gauteng, we provide our branding and clothing services throughout the country. This means you can expect the same quality of work and turnaround time whether you stay in Pretoria, Johannesburg, or Cape Town.


Below are some of our main methods offered for T-shirt printing in Pretoria, giving you an indication of the options available.


Video-Flex Printing in Pretoria


If you want to place a small order for branded shirts, but do not want to break the bank in the process because it is a small order, select the video-flex print method. It is a system that we use for the transfer of heat of chosen images to the print surfaces. Because you do not need a master plate, as is the case with the more conventional silk-screen print method, you can place small orders. Indeed, every shirt is printed on its own. A bulk order thus does not affect the price per print.


Video-flex is highly versatile. It is exceptionally well-suited for full colour and more complex prints, as it does not involve a stencil. The lines are sharp, and this is the type of T-shirt printing in Pretoria you want to use if you need a fast turnaround on full colour and smaller print jobs.


Embroidery As a Form of T-Shirt Printing in Pretoria


Embroidery is best suited for corporate wear, workwear, sports clothing, towels, and hats and caps. This is the method to choose if you want a small logo or emblem printed on textiles. One of the advantages offered by embroidery is that the print is not affected by washing. It is high-quality branding on textiles at its best.


If you own a restaurant and want to ensure your waiters are recognisable, order embroidery of your company logo on the workwear, which you can also order from us. Our consultants are here to help you choose the best clothing for the particular work environment. They provide advice and professional help throughout the branding process. If it is a fast-turnaround time you are after, you will be glad to know that we can deliver on our promises.


Silk-Screen T-Shirt Printing in Pretoria


Perhaps one of our oldest types of print onto textile surfaces, silk-screen prints are still relevant because of affordability related to bulk orders. The method entails the creation of a master stencil. The stencil is used along with a mesh system and ink. The ink is pressed through the mesh, but only the openings on the stencil allow ink through. The ink that has made it through the openings is transferred to the textile surface beneath. Because a master plate must be created, ordering only 1-20 shirts can be expensive. The more you order of the same print, the cheaper it becomes. It is thus suitable for bulk orders.


You can give us the text, style, size, and colour of print required and we will do the rest. Indeed, you can do so through email correspondence. This means you do not need to live in Pretoria to make use of our extensive range of products and print services.


We also offer an extremely large catalogue of clothing and promotional gifts. Even if you plan on selling T-shirts with funny sayings, you can place your order with us to receive high-quality prints on equally high-quality T-shirts or other promotional items. Affordability, fast-turnaround time, and quality are the main reasons you should place your order for printing in Pretoria with our team of experienced consultants, designers, and print specialists.

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