“Where to Find T-shirt Printing Near Me?” and Other Questions Answered

 by cjvanniekerk

 on 2021-08-31

Have some questions about custom clothing? In this article, we look at some of the questions you may have, such as “where can I find T-shirt printing near me”, and more below to help you make an informed decision regarding the branding of your company, sport, or school clothing.


Where Can I Find T-Shirt Printing Near Me?


If you are located in Gauteng, then you will be glad to know that we are also stationed in the province. However, we provide our T-shirt printing services throughout South Africa. Thanks to the Internet and courier services, you no longer have to search for ”T-shirt printing near me” on Google. We have an online system, fast response time to email or phone enquiries, and a dedicated team that makes it their priority to deliver high-quality print work in the required period.


What is Video-Flex?


It is a process that we follow for transfer of images onto the print surface, using a heat press. Just as with all our other print works, you no longer have to conduct a search for video-flex print providers close to your offices, since you can place your order online. It is an exceptionally cost-effective and thus affordable means for creating branded T-shirts. Every shirt is done on its own. As such, it is a superb way to get high-quality branded clothing. Small to large orders can be placed for this type of branding. It is the perfect option if you only want a few prints for shirts that you will hand out as part of promotions.


What is Silk Screen Printing?


It is another method that we use for branding T-shirts. It involves the usage of a mesh and ink block system. We create a master stencil. The ink is pressed through the mesh onto the print surface. Only the open areas on the stencil allow the ink through, creating a perfect stencil image. The process requires accuracy and, fortunately, our team is dedicated to meticulous prints. This means you get a perfect rendering of the required image. We guarantee satisfaction with our work. The method is best used for larger orders.


What About Embroidery For T-Shirt Branding?


Embroidery is another one of our branding methods, best suited for golf or sport shirts, caps, towels, and sweaters, as well as knitted shirts and corporate wear. Embroidery lasts for years and is great for smaller print work, such as logos or emblems. It is the method to use if you want to push branding up a notch. Washing does not affect the clarity and neatness of the end product. We provide custom embroidery services.


What About the Branding of Promotional Gifts Near Me?


As with our other products and services, we offer an extensive range of high-quality promotional gifts to clients throughout South Africa. Depending on the product, we can brand it to meet client requirements. Our pricing structure ensures affordability, without the need to compromise on quality.


You thus no longer have to search for “branding and T-shirt printing near me”. We bring the branding right to your doorstep, regardless of whether you are located in Gauteng or elsewhere in the country.

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