What is Corporate Clothing and Why Opt for Business Wear?

 by cjvanniekerk

 on 2021-08-31

What is corporate clothing? Does it refer to formal work attire as chosen by the company or is it the dress code policy of the company? We briefly answer the question, “what is corporate clothing?”, below, helping you to understand the terminology surrounding workwear.


What is Corporate Clothing?


In general, the term refers to the work uniform that an employee wears when working. True, a company can have a dress code, which is referred to as corporate clothing. In most instances, formal workwear, such as a dress, jacket, tie, golf shirt, neat pants, white shirt, etc., form part of the corporate clothing definition.


However, a company can invest in official neat office workwear for employees or subsidise the purchasing of such attire from a specific supplier. The items can differ. As such, a uniform can be seen as something worn by everyone from the same company, whereas the corporate wardrobe for each employee can have several items that can be mixed and matched. The general trend is to allow employees the choice of several items from a supplier or brand. This makes it possible for them to create interesting, yet professional outfits from only a few pieces of clothing. The company’s main colours may form the base of each outfit and the company can even go as far as having their logo attached to the pieces through embroidery.


What is The Reason Behind Corporate Wear?


For the most part, companies want their employees to look similar when representing their brand. Several benefits can be realised by the company. For one, uniformity in appearance helps customers to identify employees of the firm. When employees are in casual wear outside the office environment, they do not have to be concerned that people will think they are working. Their time is thus their own when not in business wear.


The company brand is proudly displayed. This can serve as a means to promote or strengthen the brand. It has been shown that employees dressed in uniform, workwear, or corporate attire tend to be more professional, productive, and loyal to the employer. They wear their attire with pride.


Most workwear is designed for comfort, even if professional in appearance. More comfort equals higher productivity. The apparel is made to be durable. This means every employee can look and feel their best without having to buy new garments every month. Indeed, such apparel is made to last for years and is usually easy to clean.


What is the Main Benefit For the Employee?


Saving on the cost of garments is certainly not a benefit to ignore. Since the company foots part of or the entire wardrobe bill, employees can spend their money on other living expenses. The competition for being the best dressed is something of the past. It creates an equal playing field and thus helps to prevent a situation where an employee feels inferior because of their financial situation and thus budget limit on corporate clothing.


What Style?


The company can decide on the formality level and style. Garments can range from jackets and ties to golf shirts and casual pants. The colour combinations can also be selected by the company to support the brand colours. In most instances, firms include a few neutral colours in their business wear choices. This makes mixing and matching easier for employees. The choice also depends on the image to be portrayed. A law firm, for instance, may choose black, white, and grey as the main colours with more formal attire styles. A restaurant may choose white shirts and black pants or skirts. A garden service company may choose green T-shirts branded with the company logo through silk-screen printing.


In the healthcare industry, specific uniforms may be needed, while the same may apply for a catering firm. The idea is to create a uniform look that inspires, motivates, and portrays confidence. However, the clothing should be comfortable, durable, and in a style that helps to put customers at ease as well.


With the question of what corporate clothing is answered, where can you find the best selection of affordable business or workwear?


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