“Where to Buy Affordable Corporate Clothing?” and Other Questions Answered

 by cjvanniekerk

 on 2021-08-31

With business wear becoming the norm rather than the exception, the question is: “where to buy affordable corporate clothing that matches your company culture?” Though it is certainly easy to find hundreds of suppliers on the Internet, you want a supplier that you can trust to deliver on their promises.


Let us look at factors to consider in answering the question of where you should buy affordable corporate clothing.


Range of Apparel


Answer the following questions to determine the type of apparel needed:


  • Do you want workwear for the summer or winter?
  • Do you need formal, informal, or semi-formal apparel?
  • Do you want to buy affordable clothing for office personnel, retail workers, or people working outdoors?
  • Do you want entire outfits or only specific items, such as jackets, sweaters, jerseys, shirts, or pants?
  • Do you want different sets for the executive level employees?
  • Do you want to provide an entire corporate wardrobe for employees or only one or two sets each?
  • Do you want general workwear, such as golf shirts for floor assistants or do you want formal shirts?
  • Do you require branding?


Once you have established your corporate wardrobe requirements, you know the extent of the range that the supplier must be able to provide.


Affordability Versus Quality


The next step is to consider how often the employees will wear the particular and affordable clothing pieces. For team-building events, you can compromise a bit on quality for the sake of affordability. However, if the employees are to wear the apparel daily or on a regular basis, you want exceptional durability. This includes fade-resistant material; double stitching to prevent pieces from coming apart at the seams; washable fabrics, as the items will be washed at least once weekly; and fabrics that do not stain easily. The fabrics must be easy to iron or keep in a neat manner. To this end, you can expect to pay a bit extra, but the supplier should be able to give you discount for bulk orders.


Where to Get Branding


It is one thing to know where to buy affordable corporate clothing, but branding should also be considered. You already invest a considerable amount to ensure uniformity and to create employee pride. Going one step further by branding the apparel with your company logo or each division in the firm’s specific logo helps to create a sense of identity. It promotes teamwork and helps to advertise your particular brand. Find out if the supplier is able to brand the apparel professionally.


If so, which types of printing does the supplier offer? Silk-screen printing is perfect for T-shirts and promotional wear. The method entails the use of a stencil for your logo or message together with ink and a mesh system. A master plate is created, and the ink transfer is done by pressing the ink through the fine mesh. The ink moves through the openings of the stencil to create the perfect image on the fabric. It is affordable and suited for large orders.


When it comes to semi-formal and formal workwear, you may want to go with embroidery. Even the smallest logo can look stunning with professional embroidery. It is neat and the logo will not wash out or fade. The method is slightly more expensive, but perfect if you want stylish branding for your corporate wear.


Video-flex is a third print option. With this method, you do not have to order large quantities, since the supplier does not have to create a master plate. The image is rendered using software and vinyl. The vinyl is transferred to the fabric through a heat transfer method. It is great for team-building and promotional purposes. You want a supplier that offers different branding options.


Where to Buy Affordable Business Apparel If You Stay in A Small Town?


If your head office is in Pretoria or Johannesburg, then the question of “where to buy affordable corporate clothing?” may not seem all that important. But what if your offices are in a small town far from the big cities? In this instance, the convenience of being able to place your order online and have the apparel according to your particular requirements made and delivered anywhere in South Africa is essential.


With consideration of the mentioned factors, our firm is the answer to the question of where you should buy affordable clothing. We supply all throughout South Africa, offer all the branding options mentioned, represent several top brands, and have an extensive range at exceptionally competitive prices. View our products and get in touch to discuss your particular office or company clothing requirements.

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